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The University of Toronto, founded in 1827 as King’s College, the oldest university in the province of Ontario, is one of the world’s top institutions of learning, discovery and knowledge creation. Its global outlook and cosmopolitan location provide students with a transformative educational experience and equip them with the knowledge, skills and competencies needed for their personal development and future career growth. 

The University of Toronto has a wide range of courses and disciplines, including architecture and civil engineering, medicine and nursing, music and design, arts, social sciences and others. It is also a centre of advanced education at the master’s and doctoral level for most talented thinkers, educators and innovators who are looking for improving, refreshing and retooling their current knowledge and skills.

Campus & Facilities

The University offers hundreds of undergraduate, graduate and professional programs across three campuses in Toronto: St. George, Mississauga and Scarborough.

The beautiful St. George campus blends historical architecture, green spaces and interlocking courtyards, creating an inviting urban parkland environment right in the centre of Toronto. It is a place where students and faculty staff engage in vibrant academic life and enjoy events, activities and industries offered by the city.

Unlike the university’s downtown campus, Scarborough is set in a suburban area surrounded by residential houses and parks. The Scarborough campus is experiencing dynamic growth. It is the university’s sole provider of cooperative education programs and some other courses not offered by the other two campuses.

The Mississauga campus offers about 150 undergraduate and interdisciplinary graduate study programmes through fifteen academic departments making it the second-largest of the three campuses. The campus is situated on 225 acres of protected greenbelt upon the valley of the Credit River about 33 km from downtown Toronto.

The University of Toronto has more than 1 000 organisations and student groups across all three campuses. Each campus has its residential communities of different styles and plenty of services and amenities on-site, such as clubs and dining options. The types of available accommodation are residence hall, townhouses and apartments. The housing is guaranteed for students entering their first year. 

Having the third largest library system in North America, the University possesses forty-four libraries with more than nineteen million physical holdings and six million electronic holdings. The vast collection of books, journals, articles and archive materials supports students in their search for knowledge and assists them in research

Student Life

The University of Toronto’s students are always connected to new social opportunities, academic enrichments and cultural experiences. All three campuses feature world-class athletic facilities, creative hubs, student clubs and restaurants, so there are many ways to gain new skills, do sport, have fun and make new friends!

The university also promotes various art and cultural events, recreation classes and specialized entrepreneurship programmes. Moreover, thanks to its urban centre location, students can enjoy and experience businesses, bars, entertainment and community events throughout the city.  

The University of Toronto has constantly demonstrated excellence in scholarship across a wide range of fields, such as humanities, sciences and social sciences. It is one of only eight universities globally to place in the top 50 in all 11 subject areas ranked by Times Higher Education.

In 2021, QS World University Rankings ranked the university 25th in the world, and first in Canada. All these advances were built upon centuries of knowledge and discovery to guarantee you are getting one of the greatest educational experiences in the world.

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