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The University of Manchester was opened in its present form in 2004. The histories of The Victoria University of Manchester and the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology were combined into a world-leading university. The University values Knowledge, Wisdom, Humanity, Academic freedom, Courage, and the Pioneering Spirit. The purpose is to advance education, knowledge, and wisdom for the good of society. Being the high rankings university among the world’s best universities, The University of Manchester offers to teach of the highest quality. The provider is divided into three Faculties, comprising several Schools with powerful reputations for teaching and research success. The University provides a broad range of study areas, including undergraduate courses, master’s courses, and postgraduate research areas. The provider is proud of notable alumni, including 25 Nobel laureates. Situated in the heart of Manchester, the University gives opportunities to discover a world-class city while studying. The close vital partnerships in Melbourne, Toronto, and Hong Kong of the University allow students to connect with global, pioneering collaborations. Four global centers are part of learning programmes. The University of Manchester is unique among universities in having Social responsibility. It is one of three cores strategic goals: equality, diversity, inclusion, public, cultural and civil engagement, and environmental sustainability. 


The University of Manchester has many university facilities for students. There are research facilities, conference facilities, the University Library, cultural institution, accommodation, and Race Relations Resource Center. All facilities are available across the University. 

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