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Arbutus College was founded in 2002 to provide a unique business and communication educational structure in Vancouver. Today, it is a certified private training institution by British Columbia's Private Training Institution Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training. College's education structure maintains over curriculum, policies, procedures, and daily operations. In addition, the college operates closely with EduCo by sharing organisational structures, administrative computer systems, and support systems.

Numerous students have increased confidence to become professionals in the industry. The mission statement is to offer quality education that integrates communication and professional skills to prepare graduates for success in the global workplace. The college strives to create a dynamic learning community to ensure students' high-quality and diverse programmes. For instance, there are various on-campus events, such as talk and forums, workshops, trade shows and fairs, and social functions. Social engagement with learning structure ensures students solid relationships and network for graduates.

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