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Australian Pilot Training Alliance (APTA) was established in 2006 by APTA’s concept came from many years of the original Director’s combined personal experience within the aviation industry. Nowadays, APTA incorporates few locations in Moorabbin (Melbourne) and Bankstown (Sydney).

APTA offers flight instructional training for the issue of the Australian Private Pilot’s License, Commercial Pilot’s License, Night Rating, Instructor Rating, Command Instrument Rating, and much more. They also offer Design Feature Endorsements, Flight Activity Endorsements, Proficiency Checks, and Flight Reviews training. The Australian Government approves APTA to provide local and international students training in a friendly and nurturing environment.

Flight training is conducted only in VH-certified aircrafts Cessna 152, Cessna 172, and Cessna 182. APTA’s fleet makes progress more effortless, logical, and understandable. In addition, the provider offers all the available support and resources to help students reach their full potential as qualified pilots and achieve career objectives.

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