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All Body Laser Corp. is an accredited specialty laser school in Canada since 2000. The school is BC Approved Education Destination of Choice EQA meeting international requirements for student study visa and Government Designated and Approved Ministry of Advanced Education PTIB. The school is proud to be over 16 years in the laser industry, 30 years in the esthetic industry, 100 years of combined experience as a staff, and has more than 700 successfully trained graduates. Facilities include a Training Institute, Laser Clinic division, Business consulting, sales division, and a Maintenance division. Many students have become competitive professionals in their industry.
The staff is highly qualified educators and consultants with vast world experience. The school strives to educate students who seek school assistance to have confidence and success in advanced technologies and medical lasers. All Body Laser Corp. offers a broad range of courses to meet student’s needs. Also, the school provides job opportunity placement assistance to all graduates. Some private training is available for fees.


  • Professionalism
  • Dedication and commitment 
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Platinum customer service
  • Integrity 
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