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Advanced Heli-Flight provides helicopter flight training and the issuance of licences or ratings. Operating across Canada (Alberta, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador), the school has a diverse range of training courses. The staff is experienced instructors who are confident, competent, and capable of providing high excellence standards. Students have a learning process in an open, safe, and vibrant environment.

Advanced Heli-Flight enhances a safe, effective, and high-quality training experience by utilizing modern helicopters Robinson R44. This type of helicopter is one of the best training helicopters and has a competitive operating cost than turbine helicopters. Students can practice various skills, such as mastering engine failure with minimal stress in a shorter time frame.

To start flight training at Advanced Heli-Flight, students must complete an application form and pay a fee for a pre-course online ground school programme. Also, students have to meet medical requirements and complete that before applying. The course is delivered for three students simultaneously, and they can start when positions are available. English language proficiency test is required for those students who have the English language as a second language. Accommodation is available close to bases with necessary utilities.

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