Académie du Savoir


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L'Académie du Savoir was established in 1987 and is located in Quebec, Canada. The provider offers training in languages and office automation. The Academy focuses on up-to-date office automation, administration, or computerised accounting skills with the most popular software in companies. All programmes are designed for different levels, from essential to advanced levels.

L'Académie du Savoir offers programmes and courses by providing a unique multimedia platform Integrated Learning System. Students have an opportunity to study with own pace. The platform allows having a permanent supervisor while practicing on the computer. There are various lessons with patented teaching methods, including theory and practice in a flexible learning world that develops student’s autonomy and facilities the acquisition of skills. The Integrated Learning System is tailor-made for motivated students. This training method allows students to complete their course once the skills have been acquired rather than complying with a group schedule. It helps to gain knowledge in suppleness and flexibility. After completing a chosen programme, students take an exam noted by qualified staff at the head office of the Académie du Savoir to be awarded a certificate.

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