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Situated in Pyrmont, Sydney, Australia, the Academy of Entrepreneurs is an entrepreneurial school. Location is the best area with the most-popular co-working spaces WeWork and WotSo, also there is a vibrant lifestyle with creativity, a great environment, and multiculturalism. The school has over 20000 experienced partners in businesses and startups. The academy focus on giving students the most powerful entrepreneurial skills and network to turn an idea into a successful business that creates impact. Students can learn via Projects & Hackathons with real clients and be involved in practical group coaching. There are two ways to learn online or on campus. Students can start a programme at home country and then continue their education in Australia. The academy delivers real-world knowledge, workshops, hands-up activities, and entrepreneurship programmes by successful entrepreneurs around the world:

  • Australian Accredited Diplomas;
  • Short courses;
  • Workshops;
  • Teacher Training;
  • Study Tours.

The academy attracts students from more than 65 countries. Academy's network is global; thus, the Filipino hub is in the Philippines that connects, educates, incubates, and accelerates students into successful prospects and world leaders. The school's pride is to run workshops with various organisations, such as Allianz, Google, Wix.com, and Marriott.  Academy of Entrepreneurs has reached many achievements: 

  • Created 27000 entrepreneurs;
  • Incubated over 13000 business ideas;
  • Collectively earning 810m in revenue.
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