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Different Types of Tertiary Providers in New Zealand

Before searching for the right programme of study, it is good to know about the differences between education providers in New Zealand and how the type of this or that tertiary institution may affect your programme choice. There are three main types of education providers: universities, polytechnics or institutes of technology (ITP) and private training establishments (PTE). Let’s learn more about every type and its key features.

The most prestigious and high-quality, yet the most expensive education with an average cost of NZ$ 25 000 – 35 000 per year. University has a wide diversity of tertiary programmes at a higher level and assists students in getting academic knowledge and developing their intellectual independence. Universities are famous by their modern campuses with everything that students may need during their study: accommodation, libraries, laboratories, student lounges and club facilities, gym and recreation centres, etc. New Zealand is home to eight highest-quality universities:

University of Auckland

University of Canterbury

Massey University

University of Otago

Victoria University of Wellington

University of Waikato

Auckland University of Technology

Lincoln University 

Polytechnic or Institute of Technology.
ITP delivers technical and vocational quality education for reasonable prices, that is why this type of education organisations is quite popular among international students. The cost of programmes varies from NZ$ 15 000 to 25 000 per year. Polytechnics and Institutes of Technology promote applied research and practical skills, so students are able to get up-to-date knowledge and work within a real business environment. The academic staff consists of professors of various ranks, lecturers, experts and business owners.

Private Training Establishment.
PTEs are non-state-owned institutions, providing affordable practical education for students. The cost of a one-year programme starts at NZ$ 8 000. As a rule, private education providers don’t offer a big variety of study areas, so the list of qualifications is usually limited. However, some programmes are literally unique and can’t be found in any ITP or even universities. Among PTEs, there are also world-class design colleges, well-known for their high-quality educational approach and professional teachers. Most of PTE’s students are foreigners. 

When choosing PTE or ITP, remember to check its category. The highest category is 1; the lowest is 4. Each category shows the trust of NZQA in high performers and restricts the activities of poor performers to protect learners. The category reflects the quality of education and capability in self-assessment.

Does Choosing a Prestigious Education Provider Matter?

In some cases, yes. However, it’s not quite that simple. New Zealand employers always pay attention to other important things, such as visa status and its type, work experience and references, professional and additional skills and personal qualities. If you can afford expensive universities, choose the one you like and get the most prestigious education in the world. Otherwise, you may consider quality programmes at a lower price, offered by ITPs or PTEs.