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New Zealand Institute of Education (NZIE) is a private training establishment of Category 2 with 3 campuses in Auckland. NZIE offers English language courses and business programmes with different specialisations at levels 7 and 8: digital marketing, advanced management, engineering management, healthcare management, and applied business. There are many positive aspects of the student experience at NZIE. The provider has strong and mutually beneficial working relationships with a diverse range of industry stakeholders, which makes outstanding graduates highly employable both in New Zealand and abroad.

Career Support

Increase your chances of finding your dream job by getting work experience during or after your study at NZIE. An internship is compulsory for all students who study for Applied Business programmes at both Level 7 and Level 8. In most cases, the internship is part-time for a maximum of 10-weeks and is unpaid. The graduates of the programmes have to get a job with the same business they did their internship.

As a part of the New Zealand Institute of Education Student Services, students get full employment assistance and guidance in finding a part-time or full-time job. Different options such as CV and cover letter writing seminars, job-seeking and workplace skills workshops are available to assist students in finding a job as soon as possible.

New Zealand Institute of Education Campus

The main NZIE campus is located in just a 15-minute drive from Auckland CBD. Takapuna Beach, Lake Pupuke and Shore City Mall are also in a walking distance. NZIE modern building is very close to the Takapuna centre where you can find cafes, restaurants, bars, gym or sports clubs and a library. You will have access to computers and free wireless internet access throughout the building while you hanging out in the student lounge between classes.

Takapuna is famous for its gorgeous beach. People from all over the city come here to swim, surf, sail or just walk on the beach. With a beautiful view of Rangitoto, a volcanic island that can be seen from Takapuna Beach, this walk could be a nice start or finish of your day. Takapuna is also a nightlife hub - you will find more than 50 restaurants, bars, cafes and over 400 retail shops in the area. The overall atmosphere of the area is very friendly and safe. 

International Students in NZIE

For almost two decades, international students from all over the world have come to study at the New Zealand Institute of Education. 

Why do students choose New Zealand over hundreds of other options around the world? It is really difficult to describe what the real-life in New Zealand feels like. This country is not like anything you have ever seen. The incredibly safe, modern, civilised, friendly and inclusive atmosphere of New Zealand is what makes it one of the countries with the best quality of life in the world. New Zealand is a home away from home.

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