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Abacus Institute of Studies (category 1 provider) is providing Diploma programmes in Business, Management, Information Technology, and English classes. Abacus’ primary goal is to deliver a holistic approach to education, by supporting and motivating students to participate and succeed in their studies. They also encourage students to balance their academic activities and enjoyment of campus life. To support the students, Abacus provides one-on-one tuition during or after class, useful and timely feedback on assignments, and extraordinary academic and support staff.

Abacus is committed to meet the most important needs of their students. All the teachers have relevant business qualifications and they are experienced assimilating useful skills and knowledge, by applying the study material into real-time business cases. Moreover, their close relationships with industries enhance the student’s employment success.  

Campuses and learning facilities

The Abacus Institute of Studies has campuses in Christchurch and Auckland, their classes are small, the facilities are modern, and both campuses are located in the center of the city, which allows the students to enjoy a variety of activities within a short walk – recreational facilities, theatre, café, restaurants and shops. In addition, Abacus has a tradition of engaging with the community by arranging periodic cultural eventשs, enabling students to expand their network, build relationships and feel belonging and helpful. 

Staff and support services

The staff in Abacus speaks English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, German, Arabic, and more. You will receive personal and academic support from the first day. There are also substantial online resources free of charge to support your learning.

Abacus also developed a career workshop, to support students with their career pathway. Each academic year the institute arranges series of workshops and invites guests from different industries and professions. These guests share their experience with the students and give useful tips and advice related to the job search process. Furthermore, a team with expertise in the New Zealand job market is helping international students to go through the process. This includes reviewing CVs and, practicing interviews and advising during the process.

For students who are interested in accommodation services, Abacus works with an accommodation agent to find the best solution. Students can choose to stay at a home stay accommodation, to rent an apartment or unit, or to share a flat with other students. Both campuses are close to public transport.

Abacus is in partnership with the Student Job Search (SJS), the largest job-hunting platform for students, with more than 4,000 vacancies per month.

Graduating with Abacus makes you more competitive in the local market (85% of graduates find a job within 3 months of graduating), and you will leave the institute with a world-class qualification, and also with friends and colleagues that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Abacus is a signatory to the Code of Practice for International Students.
Student Fees are protected by the Public Trust.

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